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Alex Meiklejohn Lighted Jack-O-Lantern

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Alex threw pottery pumpkins in 1:12 scale with openings into which I put 12 volt candle flame bulbs.  You can light them one of three ways:  (1) The white wires have plugs to put into common dollhouse receptacles;  (2) the plug may be removed and it can be wired directly into your dollhouse or roombox wiring; or  (3) you may use a 9 volt battery in the attached battery holder.  (The 9 volt battery will not light the jack o'lantern as brightly as the 12 volt dollhouse system will.)  This pumpkin is 1-1/2" tall to the peak of his toothy head.  As of this entry, I have only two of these guys left.  What a special Halloween decoration!

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