Wilton Doll House from the Jackie Andrews Estate

Wilton Doll House from the Jackie Andrews Estate
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The Wilton Doll House is a one-inch scale replica of the real "Wilton House" which was built in 1753 by William Randolph III.   This house was commissioned and formerly owned by the late Jacqueline Andrews of Ashland, VA.   The dollhouse has been featured in the book The Andrews Collection: Personal Treasures, by Anne Day Smith 1988, and in both Nutshell News, and Miniature Collector Magazines. 

Dimensions are 56” tall, 67” wide and 46” deep.   It consists of eight rooms and two large hallways running the depth of the house.  The doll house was constructed by Robert Simms over a six year period during the late 1960s/early 1970s.  Exterior walls are carved wood blocks painted gray with white trim.  Roof is 5,000 slate colored Formica shingles.   All windows are operable with glass panes from microscope slides.   The four chimneys have tiny handmade bricks.  The doll house has front and back facades which cover each room.   All room openings are covered with plexiglass.   Front and back exterior stair railings are wrought iron.  The interior walls are completely paneled and painted.  Floors are wide dark pine.   All fireplace furnishings, custom made draperies, and pictures are included.   There is a ‘wrought iron’ chandelier in the kitchen.   Additional items include a birdcage and kitchen shelf.  

The house is electrified and it is operational.   

The house comes apart in three parts:  first floor which is attached to the base table, the second floor, and the roof. 

TThe original furnishings were sold separately.   A bedstead, chest on chest, kitchen hutch, and table all made by Richard Mann are available for purchase.

The house is located in Wiscasset, Maine.

or call 207.205.9760

Price:  $5,000.00