How Can I Hang Curtains in Such a Tiny Space?

How Can I Hang Curtains in Such a Tiny Space?
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A customer at Tyson's Corner Miniature Show asked this question. She was working in her half-inch scale house, couldn't get her fingers in to the tiny space to drill for curtain rod brackets or eye screws. She wondered what glue, wax or other adhesive would work directly on the curtain fabric.

I guessed that wax or glue or any other adhesive would make her unhappy; any of it could stain the fabric, and without a rod, the curtain would surely sag. I suggested instead, a curtain rod with square ends that could be waxed (or even glued) to the wall or window frame. That way, the fabric hangs free, won't get stained, and can be "stuck up" with a push of her fingertip. The second photo shows the 1-1/4" rods we made for her.

To make this rod, use 1/4" square wooden beads that can usually be found at craft stores.* Measure the width of the window and cut a wooden dowel (try shish-kebab skewers!) with a craft knife. The dowel and the hole in the bead have to be the same size of course, so you may have to ream out the bead a bit, or shave or sand down the dowel. (I use 1/16" dowel, also really hard to find unless you are lucky enough to live near a top-notch craft store!) Push a bead on to each end of the dowel after the curtain is gathered onto it. Then put a tiny ball of QuikStik wax or Fun Tac on the flat side of each bead and push it onto the window frame or wall.

*I have had difficulty finding these once common beads in craft stores lately and had to go to the internet for my source. It was necessary to buy them in bulk, and I now offer Custom Wooden Curtain Rods on this site in addition to the Expandable Brass Rods that are already listed.

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