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Class Schedule

2017 Classes

IGMA Guild Show, Hartford/Windsor Marriot, Connecticut, September 19-22, 2017

Bill is teaching a two-day class (kitchen cabinet) and Barbara is teaching a one- day class (Bunnies Baby Blanket).  Click the link below for more information!


Some of the classes the studebakers have offered previously  

April 30, 2016  8 AM- 4:30 PM
Friends Thru Miniatures Fun Day
Greendale People's Church, 9 Francis Street
Worcester, Massachusetts
For Info & registration contact Julie Hagel, purplejuliana@yahoo.com

Learn to make silk ribbon roses to use in your miniature settings.  Complete a flower bouquet. 
Roses Bouquet  

June 11-18  INSTRUCTOR:  Bill Studebaker
The Guild School, Castine, Maine
Selections for this Year’s Guild School is an 1800's Spinet.

August 5-7, 2016
INSTRUCTOR:  Bill Studebaker
The Guild Show, Tea Neck New Jersey
Bill will teach a class in the Guild Study Program soon to be announced.

Barbara wuill teach
"IItty Bitty Hitty”
A Hitty for your Hitty Doll!  Using a 1-1/2” wooden hand-carved Hitty doll made by Charlene Reynolds, students will paint the features and dress the doll using vintage materials and learn techniques for hand sewing and embroidering the word “Hitty” on the chemise just as Phoebe Preble did in the original book!
All tools and supplies will be provided by the instructor; however, it is recommended that students bring magnification, lighting, and sharp fine sewing scissors, as well as any favorite sewing implements and tiny paint brushes.
Time: 3 hours (time to be scheduled), Cost:  $30 tuition and $55 for the doll ($85)


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