Delicate Lace Canopy Bed

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1:12 scale double brass canopy bed has been dressed by me (Barbara Studebaker) in gorgeous fine off-white vintage lace.  The curtains and bedspread are hand trimmed (all glue!!) with high quality lace.  The ties are silk ribbons and work on all four corners so the drapes can be tied back or down as you want.  The bedding other than the lace canopy is removable so that you can stage the bed in any way you want to tell your story; mess it up, leave it neat, whatever!  The mattress is my signature hand tufted "nice and lumpy" potpourri-filled one;  the sheet set is plain and simple so as not to detract from the lace coverlet, but the pillows cases on the sand-filled pillows are trimmed with compatible lace.  The throw at the foot of the bed is actually a "Perfectly Real" vintage silk hankerchief trimmed in dainty pale blue embroidery.  If blue is not your color, or if you want to use it somewhere else in you mini home, it is removable as well.
The brass bed is vintage too, probably Shackman, made in Japan in the 1950's.  It is solid, heavy and sturdy.  The finish has a lovely patina. 
You will enjoy "playing" with your lovely bed set!