Wythe House

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Here is the beautiful replica of the Wythe House in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, where Dr. Wythe taught Thomas Jefferson law. The replica was made by Dan Ross of Pennsylvania in 1982. Every brick is hand made by him and laid in place individually. At present, the electricity is not working.  I have tried a host of things to fix it, but have only made it worse. Bill thinks he knows what to do, but has little time to do it.  When it is working, the Candles, hanging lights, and flickering fireplaces give colonial accents.   There are outlets in the floor by each window to add lighted candles.  The only room without a fireplace is what I call the "keeping room", done in barn red on the first floor front.  

There are 4 rooms upstairs plus the long hallway by the staircase. The first floor has a long living room accessible from both front and back, a small ante room in back of the spacious stairwell hall and two other rooms, one front, one back. A space in the attic under a section of lift-up roof is unfinished, but could serve as a servant's garret. (I use it for storing holiday decorations!) Counting the hallways, there are a total of 11 rooms. The open back is fitted with clear plexiglass and the front lifts down to give access to the front rooms.

It is 40" wide, 24" deep (with steps extending 2-1/4" beyond that) and 36" tall to the top of the roof with chimneys extending 5-1/4" above that. The fronts drops down 21".  It is very heavy with all the real bricks, and will cost a fortune to crate and ship.     We  are suggesting local pick up, or free delivery by us along our route several times a year, from Maine to Virginia, or in the fall, to Philadelphia Miniaturia.

I have just added a host of photos featuring the brickwork outside and on the chimney and the interiors of each room.

Contact us for more info or to arrange a time to see this wonderful collector's piece.  We will start price negotiations with electric not working, at $5000.  Let's talk!