Yellow Porcelain Bathroom Set

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3-peice vintage bathroom set is slightly smalle -than 1:12 scale.  It is old and shows age crazing. Tthe bathtub which measures 4" long at the base, is a sleek 1930's style.  The pedestal sink is almost 2" tall.  The toilet has its original wooden lid.  I've run across this set frequently, but never in yellow.  You can "cheat" it into a 1:12 scale bathroom to make the room  look bigger than it actually is.  Since dollhouse bathrooms are rarely more than closet size, this works perfectly. Of course it will go with any of the 3/4 scale furniture from the early 1900's as well such as Kage, the smaller Schoenhut or Bliss, and Marx to name a few.   There are no markings on this set.