Lombardo House 1949

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This vintage "Cape Cod" style house, made in 1949 in Massachusetts is signed and dated by the makers (hence the name Lombardo.) We found it in an antique shop in Maine in original condition. It appears to be modeled after a real house and is built like one too. The roof lifts off and the interior sports original (full scale) wallpaper and 1950's decor. I have added the curtains which I made with vintage fabrics and laces that would have been available in 1949. It was displayed at the opening of the Dodona Manor Museum in Leesburg, Virginia, the home of General George Marshall, as an example of a post-WWII archetectural toy. The furniture is not included in the price, but most of it is still available and it is period. This house is very heavy; please contact us before you order to arrange shipping.