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The componants shown on this Clare-Bell Twin Bed are available individually.

The cream-colored HAND-CROCHETED BEDSPREAD is a vintage piece that repurposes perfectly for a 1:12 scale twin bed.  It is nearly 13" long, (long enough to tuck in at the foot and go over the pillows too) and 6-1/2" wide.

The BRONZE-GOLD SILK THROW at the foot of the bed is 6-3/4" x 8", bound by hand with rayon seam binding, and can be used as shown, under the coverlet for an extra saturation of color, or alone as a simple but elegant bedspread.

The PATCHWORK THROW PILLOW is hand stitched by Barbara from ribbon in a log cabin patchwork design, backed with gray-blue silk, edged with moss green piping, and filled with dacron.

Alongside the bed you see a satin-covered stool.  This is a SONIA MESSER HANDCARVED FOOTSTOOL that has been reupholstered.

The OIL LAMP is also made by Barbara from stone, brass, and glass.  Notice the tiny "handle" that will raise or lower the imaginary "wick"!

Beside the bed are THROW RUGS made of upholstery fabric and bound by machine.  These come in a set of three and measure from 2 to 5 inches.

Completing the room set is a 12 x 14" green CUT VELVET AREA RUG made from upholstery fabric and machine bound.