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Tapestry Rugs, Rose and Pinks, Set of 3

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These carpets are made from  upholstery weight cotton fabric and fringed all around.  The motif looks like strawberries or hears to me and as you can see from the photos, they are reversible, to give two totally different looks.  The larger ones are approximately 6 x 8 inches and the throw rug is 3 x 3-7/8.  This fabric is easy to cut and fringe if you need a different size.  I do not believe I have more of this fabric, so if they are perfect for you, grab them now!

The last photo shows it in the background of a table so you can get an idea of scale.  The items and tablecloth are available either here on on our Etsy site as of this writing.  If you can't find an item you want, it means I haven't listed it yet, or it's sold out!  Message me!

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