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Chaise with Silk Upholstery and Pyrography Decoration

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One of Bill's earliest pieces, the frame of this chaise is decorated with a wood-burning technique called pyrography. This was a very popular technique during the Victorian era and so is appropriate for this lovely piece. It is upholstered in blue silk with fleur-de-lis pattern.The bolster style pillow is separate from the chaise and sports a brass finial and silk tassel. It is in 1:12" scale, 5-1/8" long at the feet, the back is slanted to reach an overall length of 6"; it is 2-1/2 inches in width and height.

The chaise originally sold for $135, but in the course of traveling to shows, suffered an oops on the front leg. It has been repaired and is not visible in the group photo, but you can see it in the close ups. As a result, we have lowered the price considerably!

Other items in the group photo include:
Plant and Stand.
Barbara's Silk Panel Screen
Oriental Style Area Rug
Gold framed Floral on "Wicker" Easel

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