Mid-Century Modern Sofa and Chair

Mid-Century Modern Sofa and Chair
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Upholstered in embroidered silk, this gorgeous set will be at home in a modern room from 1940-1960. If you updated your city or suburban living room in the post-war (WWII) era with the very latest, you would have enjoyed this furniture.
This is one of Bill's first sets. It features clean lines with graceful curves, wooden tapered legs and a muted peach silk with tan embroidered motifs. It measures 2-13/16 inches tall x 2" deep (including the curve of the back.) The sofa is 6 inches wide and the chair is 2-1/2" wide, the fronts being slightly wider than the backs.
This is furniture you could build a room around!

To make the photo pretty, I added Bill's metal flowers that he made in Castine with Ursula. (Oh yeah, he can do anything....) He might make some for you if you call him! The table is a cardstock prop made to look like tile. If you like it you can have it free with the furniture! The Punch Needle Carpet is listed separately.