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"Frozen" Bisque Doll with a Basket

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Here is a taller 1-1/2" antique bisque doll who has some unusual features. Firstly, she is wigged with "real" hair of wool yarn. And, she was not made with the best mold as her features are a little..um..."flat" shall we say. (I don't want to offend her.) She is dressed by Barbara is cotton hankerchief fabric with a petticoat and lace bloomers and cap. Her basket and long sleeves disguise the fact that she is sadly missing a hand. Oh well, if I were 100 years old and well loved, I would show some wear and tear as well. She is a "frozen Charlotte", that is, her limbs are molded to her body and she has no joints. She will make a "perfectly real" china doll for your 1:12 scale room or stand alone doll collection! I have added a removable stand to her feet.

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